Our Approach To Counseling and Coaching

Kerry Dennis, Executive Director, and Senior Therapist, Kristina Bilicki Paape are highly trained and qualified clinicians that can address a variety of life issues including:

  • Clearing trauma
  • Creating intimacy and trust
  • Depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress
  • Substance Abuse and Dependence
  • Overcoming codependency
  • Self-esteem and healthy boundaries
  • Sex and love addiction and avoidance
  • Grief, loss, and loneliness
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Childhood wounds related to alcoholism, incest, and other traumas
  • Effective communication and anger release
  • The ability to express emotions in a healthy way
  • Money and power struggles
  • Exploring purpose, meaning, and spiritual growth
  • Clarifying commitments
  • Freeing creativity, spontaneity and joy
  • Eliminating harmful criticism and teaching healthy criticism
  • Life challenges related to elders and their caregivers

We use a sensitive caring client-centered approach where we begin where the client is and guide the client to where they want to be in life.