Our Treatment Philosophy

At ALW Counseling and Coaching we believe in a person-centered, strengths based approach to counseling and coaching. What does that mean? We help you use your strengths, learn new tools, become more mindful, and provide you with guidance (never advice!) in order to overcome your challenges. No matter what life challenge you are faced with, we can help you heal, overcome, and move forward with confidence.

We specialize in treating older adolescents, adults, and older adults. We work with individuals, families, couples, and even offer group therapy. Life coaching services are available to individuals, business owners, and those looking to get ahead in life or their careers. 

One of our specialties is in treating trauma. Many people have trauma at the root of their life challenges. At ALW, we clear the traumas to make healing and recovery possible. We believe it is essential for the individual to make connections between their current feelings and past unresolved issues. All therapies and interventions are carefully structured to allow the individual to become aware of these connections, experience these feelings, and make a creative and corrective response in order to heal. Once these connections are made, meaning is discovered, and mindfulness is achieved the trauma will no longer hold you back. 

We help people work through their challenges to help them develop healthier values, habits, principles, and virtues so they can live healthier, happier, more content lives.

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-The ALW Team

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