Elders, Caregivers and the Disabled

Aging is an inevitable part of life. What is not inevitable is depression that comes with aging. Depression is not a normal part of aging but affects many older adults and the disabled.

There can be many struggles with aging or disability including health problems, the loss of friends and loved ones, the loss of independence, and having to make difficult decisions about the future. We are here to help you through this time in your life through counseling, support, and guidance.

Our therapists are experienced with elders and caregivers and can provide the counseling and guidance you need to feel happier and enjoy your older years to the fullest.

We also offer counseling to caregivers that may be caring for their aging or disabled loved ones. We can provide the support, guidance, and reassurance that you may need to feel more confident about caring for your loved one. Self-care is vital for caregivers and has benefits that can be felt by the ones you care for each day.

Our office is ADA accessible and we accept traditional Medicare Part B and all suppliments. We work with some Medicare Advantage Plans on an "out of network" basis.

Medicare covers counseling at 80% and if you have a suppliment your 20% copay may be partially covered or covered in whole. If you do not have a suppliment your out of pocket expense is minimal. 

Take your first step toward wellness and call us today. 

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